2017 Past Events

Workshop on “Improvement of Regional Efficiency and Transparency in Enhancing Public Service Quality and Attracting Investments in Regional Area”.

Time/Venue: March 29th, 2018, Jakarta

The purpose of this event is to (i) identify the future of labor markets, (ii) increase the awareness of Indonesian youth about future employment market challenges and opportunities, and (iii) identify policies that will increase the potential of young people. The government has conducted the research that predicted several jobs that will transform and grow faster in 2017-2030. That several jobs are maintenance and installation experts, persuasion and mediation experts, medical and medical managers, remote controllers, data analysts, management analysts, information and computer systems managers, vocational counselors, environmental impact analysts, and computer scientists.  

Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on “The Rising of a New World Order: Indonesia’s Challenges and Response”.

Time/Venue: March 28th, 2017, Bandung

Indonesia, which is currently in a developing position and avoiding middle-income trap, is highly dependent on globalization and world trade. Energy commodities, mineral resources, and plantations are open access to various countries. If the countries in the world implement a protectionism, the market access of Indonesian products will be more limited. This event was held in response to the global condition where the values of several key countries in the world have shifted, such as the United Kingdom with its Brexit phenomenon and the United States of America with its new policies under the control of President Donald Trump.

International Seminar on "Global Economic Outlook in ASEAN Perspectives".

Time/Venue: April 28th, 2017, Jakarta

The half-day seminar was held by the collaboration of International Department, BI Institute, and Task Force on IMF-WBG Annual Meetings 2018. The theme of the seminar is “The Global Economic Outlook in ASEAN Perspective”, which aimed to showcase the ASEAN as a progressive region in 20 years after the regional crisis. Particularly, the seminar talked about the success of regional central banks' policy making as well as showcasing ASEAN preparedness to overcome uncertain global economy. The speakers include Prof.Maurice Obstfeld (Economic Counsellor and Director of the IMF’s Research Department) along with 5 Deputy Governors of Central Banks from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, dan Philippines. The seminar was also noted as an official kick-off for Voyage to Indonesia program.

Academic Forum: “Sustainable Growth and Shared Prosperity”.

Time/Venue: May 17th - 18th, 2017, Palembang

This Forum is held by the cooperation between MoF and the Regional Economists. The aims of the event are discussing relevant issues on sustainable growth and shared prosperity. The discussion drew on the perspectives of Central Government i.e Ministry of Finance, regional, academics/public and international. Based on the discussions it can be concluded that sustainable growth and shared prosperity are the goals of development in every country, especially Indonesia.

Joint IMF-Indonesia High-Level Conference “International Taxation in Asia: Issue and The Way Forward

Time/Venue: July 12th - 13th, 2017, Jakarta

Strengthening tax systems has emerged as a key development priority for the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It is recognized that strong tax systems are key for enhancing state building; it is not just how much revenue is raised that matters for development and growth, but also how it is raised. The establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), along with the expansion of cross-border investment in the ASEAN region, amplifies unwanted side-effects in terms of aggressive tax planning by multinational and regional companies. Simultaneously, the weakness of coordinating efforts by ASEAN tax authorities enables investors to take advantage of that opportunity for tax evasion.

The conference provided a forum to engage policymakers on issues related domestic resource mobilization, including through international tax reforms. The scope and nature of initiatives to address mismatches and loopholes in the current international tax architecture, remaining areas of difficulty, and the challenges of tax competition and coordination will be addressed.

Indonesia Infrastructure Finance Forum 2017

Time/Venue: July 25th, 2017, Jakarta

The need for infrastructure development in Indonesia is massive, partly due to the archipelagic landscape and the huge population, coupled with its steady economic growth. The government of Indonesia under President Jokowi’s administration has consistently made infrastructure development one of its highest priority. However, the capacity of the government to finance the development of infrastructure through the government budget is limited.

The forum aims to: 1) Demonstrated achievements by the Indonesian government in developing infrastructure finance; 2) Identify the key future challenges on infrastructure finance, and how those challenges may be solved, or even turned into opportunities, taking into account the input from different perspective of the internal government, development agencies, as well as the private sector; and 3) Explore the opportunities for private sector and multilateral development agencies to take a bigger role in supporting Indonesia’s infrastructure development. 

The 2nd Annual Islamic Finance Conference

Time/Venue: August 23th - 24th, 2017, Jakarta

Socio-economic problems remain the most challenging issue faced by the Muslim world, including Indonesia, during the last decades. The poor socio-economic performance of most Muslim-majority countries has raised a longstanding debate on whether Islam as the “religion of practice” has relationships with socioeconomic growth, or whether there are deeper problems, outside the Islamic values, contributing to lower education, poverty, poor health in the countries, although the Islamic economic principles have been introduced hundreds of years ago (Timmer & McClelland 2004).

The main objective of the conference is to promote discussion on the application of theory, model and instruments of Islamic finance to overcome socio-economic problems in developing countries including Indonesia. Furthermore, the conference aims to discuss a set of policies combined with the principles of Islamic finance that can be together tackling poverty and income inequality problems.

Shari'a Economic Festival or Festival Ekonomi Syariah (FESyar)

Time/Venue: August 25th - 27th, 2017/Makassar; September 13th - 15th, 2017/Bandung; October 6th - 8th, 2017/Medan

The theme for FESyar 2017 is "Boosting The Development of Sharia-Based Entrepreneurship and MSME". FESyar 2017 is part of a series of events towards Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) 2017 in Surabaya in November 2017. FESyar 2017 served as an education medium for the public to understand more about the concept of sharia economy and finance, especially through activities conducted in the festival, such as talk shows, presentations, and competition in sharia economy.

Rising 50 Years of ASEAN, Indonesia – Singapore

Time/Venue: August 10th, 2017 in Jakarta 

This program marks the 50th anniversary of Indonesia and Singapore's diplomatic relations. Various activities were conducted ranging from joint exhibitions, seminar, and Leaders; Retreat stating that RI - Singapore will remain a "trusted partners, RISING together". Both countries are neighbors based on geography and partners by choice. Both countries are committed to expanding and deepening cooperation among them. This activity reflects the spirit of cooperation to jointly become a strong and resilient state. 

Indonesia Investment Week

Time/Venue: September 6th - 8th, 2017, Padang

An event held to promote business opportunities and development investments in Indonesia with international economic businesses in Singapore, as one of the five countries that are focused in promoting Indonesia's government by reaching out to new investors and contributing to developing business opportunities and investments in ASEAN economic area.

Shariah Economic and Financial Research Forum

Time/Venue: September 12th - 13th, 2017, Padang & Solo

"Towards New Paradigm of Sharia Finance Industry Development: Strengthening The Role of Government", this forum is a routine event coordinated by Financial Services Authority (FSA). This forum was held to gather and discuss research conducted in the area of sharia financial and economic sector in order to strengthen and support the sharia finance industry.

APEC Seminar on Disaster Risk Financing in Asia Pacific Region

Time/Venue: December 4th - 6th 2017, Padang

Vietnam as APEC Chairman has set the APEC 2017 theme of Creating New Dynamism, Fostering Shared Future; and maintained the Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance (DRFI) as one of four main agendas. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Ministry of Finance as the fiscal authority puts high concern on the fiscal resilience on managing the financial risk of disaster. Incorporating Disaster Risk Management (DRM)/DRFI into its fiscal sustainability framework is a necessity, taking into account the limited fiscal space.

Based on the need to further enhance its policy in disaster risk financing and to align the DRM into fiscal policy and development planning, Indonesia needs to review its related existing policies to determine the suitable policies in the short, medium and long run. Therefore, this seminar is aiming to provide the foundation for Indonesia to implementing integrated DRM and fiscal policy in a holistic approach, with a view to reinventing the disaster risk management framework and its prevailing laws and regulations.

Women’s CEO Summit

Time/Venue: October 11th, 2017, Washington DC

The US-Indonesia Women’s CEO Summit brought together C-Suite women from both private sectors for a series of lively, open, and uniquely personal conversations focused on how they did it, how they do it and how they are planning for the future, under the theme "What Does Your Daughter's Future Look Like Today?".Minister Sri Mulyani acted as keynote speaker, while the speakers are distinguished women leaders coming from the diverse background, such as Former Trade Minister of Indonesia, Managing Director of Citibank, etc.  

Regional Investment Forum 2017

Time/Venue: November 16th - 17th, 2017, Padang

Themed “Showcasing Investment Opportunities in the Indonesian Tourism Industry," this event is initiated by the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and supported by the Tourism Ministry, Bank Indonesia (BI) and West Sumatera provincial administration. This forum was aimed to explore investment opportunities in tourist destinations and campaigning for the 10 New Balis.

International Seminar on "National and Regional Balance Sheet"

Time/Venue: November 1st - 2nd, 2017, Surakarta

The seminar was attended by the representatives of 20 central banks from different countries, members of KSSK (Ministry of Finance, OJK, and IDIC), regional governments, banks, economists, and academicians. Bank Indonesia builds an integrated balance sheet to monitor the vulnerability of Indonesia's financial system. National and Regional Balance Sheet are statistics integrating cross-sectoral financial positions and transactions. Such integrated balance sheet will strengthen systemic risk monitoring conducted by Bank Indonesia to support the achievement of financial system stability to eventually increase Indonesia's economic resilience. It is conveyed in an international seminar titled “National and Regional Balance Sheet: Toward an Integrated Macrofinancial System Stability”.

International Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF)

Time/Venue: November 7th - 11th, 2017, Surabaya

Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) is one of the largest events in sharia finance and economy development in Indonesia. ISEF consists of Sharia Economic Forum and Sharia Fair held annually in Surabaya, with some events such as seminar, workshop, and the international working group meeting, focus group discussion.The theme of ISEF 2017 was "Fostering Inclusive Economic Growth and Improving Resiliency through Closer Collaboration and Coordination".

Central Java Business Expo

Time/Venue: November 23th - 25th, 2017, Surakarta

The annual leading forum for investors and invest policymakers in Central Java. This forum involves Central Government, Government of Central Java, and regent/mayor from 35 regencies/municipalities throughout Central Java and attended by domestic and foreign investors.

International Seminar on Managing Urbanization for Sustainable Cities

Time/Venue: December 18th - 20th, 2017, Jakarta

The seminars discussed the experiences on the challenges and opportunities posed by rapid urbanization, and even more by unplanned urbanization. Based on the discussion, several findings are urbanization is a big and rapid phenomenon faced by Indonesia at this time. Indonesia is undergoing structural changes from rural-based economy and agriculture to an urban-based economy. However, urbanization in Indonesia does not only mean the migration of villagers to cities but also from one city to another following the flow of economic growth and development.

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