2018 Past Events

Youth Talk Show: Human Capital and Future of Work in Digital Era.

Time/Venue: March 29th, 2018, Jakarta

The purpose of this event is to (i) identify the future of labor markets, (ii) increase the awareness of Indonesian youth about future employment market challenges and opportunities, and (iii) identify policies that will increase the potential of young people.The government has conducted the research that predicted several jobs that will transform and grow faster in 2017-2030. That several jobs are maintenance and installation experts, persuasion and mediation experts, medical and medical managers, remote controllers, data analysts, management analysts, information and computer systems managers, vocational counselors, environmental impact analysts, and computer scientists.  

Report Launch: "2017 Economic Report on Indonesia".

Time/Venue: March 28th, 2018, Jakarta

The Economic Report on Indonesia (ERI) is one of Bank Indonesia’s annual publication that consists the journey and performance of the Indonesian economy. In addition, ERI also delivered a number of lessons learned by policymakers in navigating economic challenges over the past year, including various agendas that still need to be continued in order to strengthen the economy in the future. ERI is prepared based on analysis and research by Bank Indonesia and collection of data from various related institutions. The theme for ERI 2017 is “Optimizing Momentum, Strengthen the Structure”. The theme is chosen based on a thorough observation and in-depth analysis of the dynamics of the domestic and global economy throughout 2017. After the book launch, Bank Indonesia also held a discussion that discussed the synergized efforts to strengthen Indonesia’s economic growth. Present as speakers at the discussion include 11th Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Boediono.

Indonesia Infrastructure Investment Forum.

Time/Venue: March 15th - 16th, 2018, London

The Indonesia Infrastructure Investment Forum (IIIF) is a two-day Forum with Exposure to Infrastructure Projects and Funding of Infrastructure Projects in Indonesia. The IIIF will feature the incredible infrastructure investment opportunities in Indonesia and facilitate meetings between infrastructure project owners in Indonesia/potential local partners and UK potential investors/financial institutions. 

International Seminar on Human Capital Investment as a New Driving Force of Economy.

Time/Venue: March 1st, 2018, Jakarta

The purpose of this seminar is to discuss and formulate various information and data on contemporary condition become a policy recommendation and a possible solution proposal. This event was opened by Minister of Finance of Indonesia who provide the overall framing remarks why investing in people to build human capital is critical for.

Youth Town Hall: “The Future of Work,“ a Conversation between IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, and Ahmad Zaky, Founder & CEO Bukalapak.

Time/Venue: March 1st, 2018, Yogyakarta

The talk show discussed how the world is changing rapidly. Technology development and changes in many areas urged companies to adapt and make innovation. So does human resource, they are urged to have competence relevant to the change of time and adapt to the existing change. Artificial intelligent has also caused work dynamics. MD Lagarde said that the challenge needs to be given much attention by government and academics. Indonesia's demographic bonus should be seen as a benefit that needs to be managed well. Lagarde expected that higher learning would produce the qualified human resource to meet existing job market or open new business that can contribute to national economic growth. 

High-Level Conference: "New Growth Models in A Changing Global Landscape".

Time/Venue: February 27th, 2018, Jakarta

The High-Level Conference on “New Growth Models in a Changing Global Landscape” is the main milestone of a series of thematic seminars/conferences in the run-up to the Annual Meetings in Bali (the VTI), which is aimed to showcase the features of a reformed, resilient and progressive Indonesian and ASEAN economy. As part of the VTI, this Conference follows an international seminar in April 2017 on the global economic outlook from an ASEAN perspective, which focused on how ASEAN countries have reformed and built up resiliency in the region, and an international tax conference, held in July 2017, emphasizing reform policies for international taxation in the fiscal sector.

This Conference on “New Growth Models in a Changing Global Landscape” is aimed at facilitating a platform of discussion on the need and policies to ensure sustainability of economic growth and development, including convergence, against the backdrop of changes in the global landscape and greater uncertainties surrounding policies in advanced countries. The discussion will also consider the lessons learned from countries’ experience in preparing for future global trends. Panelists for each session in the conference would consist of policymakers and experts (including market players), providing a mix of analytical and practical insights for each sub-theme. The intended audience includes officials (policy makers) and non-officials (CSOs, Labor, Parliamentarians, Academics, Private Sector). 

Seminar of G20: Inequality & the Role of Technology in Shaping the Future of Works.

Time/Venue: January 23rd, 2018, Yogyakarta

In the recent years, the global economy slows down creates the increasing the rate of unemployed workers around the world. This matter driving a thought that a fundamental economic vision of globalization, such as the open system for trade in goods and services, could be a driver of inequality. Furthermore, some research argues that connectivity and interdependency might widen the welfare gaps between nations. Others have seen that the huge difference in the stages of technology development among advanced, emerging and developing nations can be a stronger contributor to both domestic as well as global inequalities.

The seminar discussed fundamental issues regarding the nature and impact of technology development on economic and business as well as its link to inequality. In addition, possibilities to transform technology as an enabler of equality through cross-cutting policies and international cooperation was discussed along with the possible role of technology in bridging various divides.

Based on discussions, there are key factors that can determine the success of technology implementation in emerging Country with demographic bonus such as Indonesia, as follows: (i) enhanced Human Resources; (ii) Growing a Business Institution to adapt to using an effective business model, incorporating MSMEs Improving the ability to create jobs with low skill levels; and (iii) a conducive business environment, policies and infrastructure.

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