Bali Shell Museum

Bali Shell Museum is the perfect choice for all sea world, diving, snorkelling or shell lovers as it preserves all about shells. The museum that is established in 2009 is the first and the only of its kind in Indonesia. The three-story museum has about 10,000 types of shell from all around the archipelago and overseas.

One of its remarkable collections is Orthoceras, a long, thin shell fossil aged hundreds of year. In addition, visitors can look at Asia’s biggest shell fossil namely Crinions. This fossil has a diameter of 1.4 meters with 1.7 kilograms in weight.

At the third floor of the museum, visitors can also view shining Cypraea Moneta which is said to have been used as a payment method in old time.

Aside from viewing various shell species, guests can watch a documentary video on the museum owner’s journey in gathering all shells via home theatre.

The shell-shaped roof museum is located at Jalan Sunset Road Number 819, Kuta Selatan. It opens every day from 9.30 am until 9 pm local time. Each adult guest is charged IDR50,000 while every child visitor is charged IDR30,000.


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