Neka Art Museum


Neka Art Museum is an impressive museum because it is the home for very influential artists in Bali and gives insights on art development in Bali. The name of the museum is taken from Suteja Neka, one of the artists, who later becomes a teacher in Ubud, Suteja Neka.

This museum has unique Balinese architecture consisting of several rooms filled with tens of paintings. The museum doesn’t only gather paintings made by local artists but also from those outside Bali and even outside Indonesia. But one condition applies to have artists’ art works displayed here. A work can be showcased at the Neka Museum should it is inspired by the beauty of the nature, life and the culture of the Balinese people.

In addition to the highly-maintained building, the museum has a very organized method displaying paintings here. This makes it easier for visitors for understanding and enjoying displayed art painting. Beside art painting, the museum also gathers keris collection from 1980s, black-and-white historical Balinese photos prior to the World War II, and wood carving and bronze statue collections.

Address: Jalan Raya Campuhan Kedewatan Village, Ubud, Gianyar.
Contact: 0361 975074

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