Annual Meetings 2018 Substantial Amid World Uncertainty

Jakarta - The Annual Meetings of International Monetary Fund-World Bank Group (AM IMF-WGB 2018) serves as a greatly important and relevant event for all participants amid world economic situation that has recently been affected by fairly high uncertainty.

The Finance Minister Sri Mulyani addressed the statement in a press conference after attending a preparation coordination meeting for the Annual Meetings of the IMF-WBG 2018 at the Djuanda Auditorium of the ministry complex on Monday, June 4, 2018. The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Panjaitan and the Bank Indonesia Governor Perry Warjiyo were also present in the meeting.

The Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said that the AM IMF-WBG 2018 would take place amid global economic situation, which at the second quarter of the year was facing great changes, as seen from inter-country trade policy, the US’s monetary policy normalization and political progress in some countries.

According to her, those would describe potential risks emerging from the global economic output, making the AM IMF-WGB event very necessary to discuss various latest conditions as well as challenges in the future.

“Those become important things so that more than 189 countries joining the upcoming AM IMF-WBG 2018 will be able to maintain conducive global economy for the economic development of each participating nation,” she said.

The Finance Minister Sri Mulyani, who is also the Chairwoman of the World Bank Development Committee, said the topics of the AM IMF-WBG 2018 would be on global development issues and Indonesia’s administration under the leadership of President Joko Widodo. 

“Several issues that will later be discussed are efforts to reduce poverty, handle regions that are hit by conflicts and natural disasters, improve investments in human resources and fund sustainable infrastructures. Developing urbanization management, adding women roles and gender equality,” she said.

Other issues, such as technology growth to push inclusive development, adaptation and mitigation in facing climate change as well as disaster-based insurance funding, will also be talked about in the AM IMF-WBG.

On Monday’s meeting, the Finance Minister delivered some activities related to the Voyage to Indonesia which was also part of the series of events leading up to the AM IMF-WGB 2018.

“Some topics discussed in the Voyage to Indonesia are the digital economy, urbanization, human capital, disaster risk finance and insurance, sharia economy, climate change, financial rejuvenation and other important topics included in the Voyage Indonesia,” she said.

She added the Indonesian government initiated two essential meetings; ASEAN Leaders Gathering and G20 country members, which would occur in the upcoming AM IMF-WGB event. The World Bank President and the IMF Managing Director were scheduled to attend the ASEAN Leaders Gathering, she said.

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