Indonesia above China, Rusia, and India in Term of Investment

Jakarta- Some of Indonesia's economic reforms are also related to the relationship between central and local governments. Many changes were undertaken as decentralization policies that have implications for central and local authorities.

“This is a complex issue for Indonesia with 542 autonomous regions and 34 provincial governments," Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said during a presentation on Indonesia's economic condition at the US-Indonesia Society (USINDO) Gala Dinner in Washington DC on Wednesday (18/4).

Indonesia which is now more democratic, decentralized, and very transparent make the process of economic reform quite complicated. According to Sri Mulyani, the current government could actually take a populist policy in the era of openness.

“But in fact, we choose to continue our reform project in economic policy. And we are able to do that, "she said.

As a result, Indonesia's economic growth is above 5 percent with exports as one of its growth engines. This makes the country’s revenue is considered in healthy condition.

One of the main drivers of Indonesia's economic performance is to continue to invest and export. According to Ani, this could be an easy and also difficult thing to do.

 “Indonesia has a strong tradition on these two things. We had to start over after the financial crisis 20 years ago. And this is what really emphasized by President Jokowi to all his ministers to work hard, "she said.

Many Efforts to create a safe environment for investment are done thoroughly. The right approach proved that Indonesia can enter the top country reformers with the ease of investing.

“It is not an easy thing to do for a country to change its investment-grade rank from 120 to 72 in less than two years," she said.

Sri Mulyani also said with the rank increased from 120 to 72, Indonesia is ahead of China, Russia, and India.

Completing these achievements, tax sector reform is also being pursued, with main attention is on building a system that allows taxpayers to pay taxes easily.

“Currently our taxpayers are growing from 60 percent to 72 percent post-tax amnesty that we did before,” she said.

 “In front of u, I invite all of you to participate in the development of tax database system because we want to build a good taxation system in the framework of good governance," she added.

USINDO Gala Dinner is an event that involves investors, policymakers, and leaders in Washington DC, either from the government sector, NGOs, or from the private sector.

The Gala dinner was held as a series of IMF-World Bank Group Spring Meetings 2018. And this was the third time Sri Mulyani became a speaker.

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