Bali Holds Matur Piuning Ceremony for the Success of Annual Meetings 2018

Karangasem, Bali  – Bali Administration holds a Matur Piuning ceremony to welcome Annual Meetings of IMF-World Bank Group 2018. The event aims at asking for the safety and the smoothness of the international event to be held between 8 and 14 October 2018 in Nusa Dua.

The ceremony was conducted in Besakih temple and was attended by the Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika, the Forum of Bali Leaders, chairmen of the provincial’s administration institutions and hundreds of society elements in Bali. Also present during the occasion were representatives from IMF and World Bank and the National Committee of the Annual Meetings of IMF-World Bank 2018.

Matur Piuning ceremony is often carried out by the Balinese people before holding an important event. Matur Piuning serves as a symbol to start an event and as a way to ask for God’s help for the security and the success of an event.

The Matur Piuning ceremony was particularly carried out to have shown support and hope from all Balinese people elements so as the Annual Meetings of IMF-WBG 2018 events will run smoothly, safely and successfully. Besakih temple was selected as the ceremony site because it serves as the center for activities in all temples across Bali.
Governor Made Mangku Pastika in the event once again said that Bali was ready to welcome all delegates and participants of the world’s biggest financial event.

“Balinese people enthusiastically welcome and view the event as a chance to bring Bali’s name to the world, representing Indonesia,” he said as taken from a press release made by the Bali Provincial Administration on Tuesday, 2 August 2018.

The Secretary of IMF, Jianhai Lin, who also attended the event, expressed the gratitude over the execution of the very special and impressive ceremony.

Jianhai Lin said the presence of tens of thousands of participants from 189 countries in the Annual Meetings 2018 in Bali would open chances for the word for not only taking part in many strategic financial meetings but also witnessing Indonesia’s beautiful and majestic nature and culture represented by Bali.

Furthermore, IMF-WBG is certain the planned October meetings will run well. All preparations and coordination have been carried out by the National Committee, including security-related things, making the planned event will be a successful one for all involved parties.

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