Leading Limited Meeting, Pesident Jokowi Wishes Annual Meetings 2018 in Bali Runs Well

Jakarta - President Joko Widodo conducted a limited meeting with ministers under the Working Cabinet less than 100 days from the Annual Meetings of International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group Year 2018 international event this October.  The meeting took place on Tuesday, 26 June 2018, at the Presidential Office Jakarta.  

In the third limited meeting, President Joko Widodo asked for reports related to the international event preparations that will occur in the Island of Gods.

"I want to ensure preparations, starting from airport, meeting sites, accomodation, including programs and required supporting facilities to make the event a success," the President said as stated in a press release from the Deputy of Protocol, Pers and Media of the Presidential Secretariat.  

"Aside from that, security sector becomes the President's focus.  He requested that security officials would work with related parties as early as possible to ensure almost 20,000 attendees of the international event were safe.  

"This is also very important for the 15,000 delegates from 189 countries as the members of IMF-WBG that must be prepared from now," the President said.  President Jokowi also asked for immediate solutions for all obstacles and hindrances occuring in the field.  

"Yesterday, I asked the (Bali) Governor for physical (preparations)  and others. I think all will be ready by the end of July hence only preparations for the October event that remains (to be done), " the President said.

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