Rare and Prestigious, Bali Media Ready to Make Annual Meetings 2018 A Successful Story

Jakarta- Less then 70 days are left before Annual Meetings of IMF-World Bank Group 2018 starts taking place. A number of preparations havebeen ongoing, including solidifying all components of the Balinese people who will host the global scale event. One of the preparations is done by some journalist associations in Bali by holding a discussion titled “Optimizing Strategic Role of Media and Public Support for Making Annual Meetings of International Monetary Fund – World Bank Group (AM IMF-WBG) A Success”

Bali Express held the event at thee building of the Indonesian Journalist Association (PWI) Bali on Wednesday, (25/7) . Bali Governor I Made Mangku Pastika was present during the event as a keynote speaker. Also attending the discussion were the country’s National Military and Police components, Parisdha Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) Bali, Hotel and Restaurant Association of Indonesia (PHRI) of Bali Chapter and tourism observers.

A number of journalist organizations were also present in the event, such as PWI Bali, Cyber Media Association of Indonesia (AMSI) Bali, Cyber Media Union of Indonesia (AMSI) Bali and also Online Journalists Union (IWO).

“The meeting is considered rare and prestigious as this is the first time there will be a meeting in Bali held by financial institutions that manage money and will be attended by about 50,000 delegates.  The event isn’t only good for Indonesia but also for Bali. Hotels won’t be only used for staying but also becoming their offices,” said Governor Pastika.

Governor Pastika emphasized the importance of making the Annual Meetings a success. The event will put Bali's reputation at stake though it won’t be the first time the province hosts an internationally-scale event.

“Around 2013, APEC and WTO were held here. For WTO, the number of participants was up to eight thousand people. State heads that were involved were two or three people. Now (AM IMF-WBG) the number is up to 15 thousands. This is a big moment,” he said.

According to him, all preparations have been conducted, either from the Bali Province Administration or from Badung Regency Administration, whose region become the venue of the event. Security aspect and accommodation for 50 thousand rooms have been prepared.

“By the end of September they start coming. There will be time when no airplane that take passengers. Except private planes. Thus planes will be parked in Lombok, Surabaya, Banyuwangi, until Makassar. Very complicated, complex and massive,” he added.

Governor Pastika said the importance of all components within the society to support the Annual Meetings execution. He particularly asked for media participation to make the event a success by publishing correct and objective news.

For instance, he regards news on Mount Agung eruption as disproportionate and not factual.

“So don’t use Mount Agung eruption photos in 1963. Because the condition is no longer relevant. I already learn how the characteristic of the volcano is,” he said.

In addition to discussing media role, they will make use of the AM 2018 as very good time to introduce the art and culture of Bali, as well as art maestro from Bali.

The Secretary of the PHDI Bali I Putu Wirata Dwikora said the moment opened a chance for Bali to display its rich culture.

“This is a good opportunity. Because they come from across the world. Just imagine the number of the participants that come. That’s the many people who will watch the art and culture owned by Bali. Including art maestro owned by Bali. So not only foreign countries that have maestro, like Rembrant or Picasso. Bali also have (maestro),” he said.

Yet, he highlighted very large exposure on the 8-14 October 2018 event that would bring negative impacts due to insufficient preparations. The large coverage will come from around 4,000 journalists coming to cover the Annual Meetings 2018.

“If we don’t prepare for positive things, what may be recorded are negative ones. I think the government has been working on this. Such as garbage waste in Suwung. That means, all components must prepare themselves for this sort of event,” he said.

On the other hand, tourism observer Gede Sutarya stressed on the essence of Annual Meetings to give additional benefits for the people of Bali as current coverage has said the event would provide more advantages for those outside the island.

“The middle route. Like when APEC event that provided room for locals to have shown their artworks in Nusa Dua. Including culinary. Or, a sort of preparation to invite the participants visiting traditional villages in Bali. Involved art team must be really from locals, not from EO. And culture agency must facilitate this,” he said.

The discussion ended with Bali Media Statement Declaration. At least four media organizations in Bali, which are PWI, AMSI, SMSI and IWO, said they would support and make AM IMF-WBG 2018 a success.

The statements were then signed by the leaders of the organizations under witnesses from Governor Pastika and other administration officials.


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