Synergy and Coordination Remain Problems in Stunting Handling

Jakarta - Budgeting isn’t a problem in overcoming stunting or poor nutrient issues in children. For 2018, the government prepares about IDR140 trillion for overcoming stunting matter.

“IDR47 trillion through institutions and IDR93 trillion via regional transfer. So the problem isn’t the lack of money,” said the Deputy Finance Minister Mardiasmo when addressing a keynote speech in “Multi Sector Strategy in Stunting Handling,” in Jakarta on Tuesday, (14/8).

According to Mardiasmo, the problem is on the synergy and coordination among many parties. “We don’t only need to work but also cooperation,” he said.

Ego from some sectors is mainly suspected to have caused the poor synergy. Yet, the ego emerges particularly relates to budget usage.

“So, our meeting continues to another meeting, not execution,” Mardiasmo said.

The fact of course leads to questions on why the high budget isn’t parallel with result. “Stunting number remains high. Of course there must be something wrong,” he said.

As such, Mardiasmo emphasizes the importance of the synergy and teamwork among related stakeholders. If the stunting number remains high then Indonesia’s target of becoming a developed nation in 2045 will be failed. Stunting problem will lower the quality of the human resources and will later obstruct growth and economic values.

Data reveals stunting issue will downgrade GDP up to 11 percent. Stunting will also make demography bonus that is just slightly up for grab will not turn into blessing but disaster. This is because future economic competition will be greatly determined by the quality of human resources.

“The Multi Sector Strategy in Stunting Handling” seminar is part of the “Voyage to Indonesia” held by the National Committee of the Annual Meetings of the IMF-World Bank Group 2018. “Voyage to Indonesia” contains various programs as preparatory events leading to the Annual Meetings 2018 in Bali, this October.

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