When Sri Mulyani Diplomacy in Front Americans

End of presentation at the US-Indonesia Society (USINDO) Gala, Wednesday, 18 April 2018, isn’t just a room for Indonesia Minister on Finance Sri, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, to mention about the relation between Indonesia-US established all this time. This occasion has also becomes a diplomacy room in front of Americans with many different backgrounds. The Gala itself presenting investors, policy makers, the leaders in DC public and private sectors and NGOs.

In front of them SMI conveyed, Indonesia and US are already in a good trade and investment relationship. Though in reality there are a lot of things that could be done for the people these days.

“US investments are not the biggest in Indonesia, Singapore is. Even US is still behind China on this case,” she said.

Therefore, along with many infrastructure built by the government in Indonesia, US is hoped to participate to invest in Indonesia. “Investment on infrastructure is the US forte. If we made many interconnection in our regions, it will surely made demand towards Boeing raise up,” she said.

She then mentioned the three big players who pretty much exist investing in Indonesia. They are China, Japan and South Korea. “Even competition among them isn’t about money but prestige,” she added convincingly.

At this point SMI hoped that US not saw Indonesia and Asean only in strategic vision context but also in a real action and commitment. Especially, US known to bring a good influence towards the world in many things.

She put forward, it’s a given if this existence isn’t just bring goodness for US but also to the world.

That’s why, the world’s leadership owned by US right now, to Indonesia, isn’t how this country become a superpower. Great Nation. But how we build cooperation between nations then become an example model that can be copy by other nations on the planet.

“An example model that later can be seen but other nations to look forward to the future. Because the journey to build is actually a long journey,” she said.

Development isn’t a linear way where a nation can do it by their selves. They always need inspiration, assistance, and sometimes a support. That’s why, although Indonesia is a new country with income per capita below 4 thousand, much lower than Brazil, but now Indonesia have something called “developing agents”.

“Because we believe that the future of the world will only getting better if work together one to another. We also believe that developing experience can’t just rely on books. Will be very useful when the policy makers, not just exchanges looks, but also to see each other’s experience directly,” she said.

It didn’t stop there; the minister conveyed her experience working with the US donor organization, USAID. She said, in 2000, when Indonesia is going to become a decentralized country, USAID suggest opening an investment rooms in local government. Then they brought a scholarship programs for 35 local universities to study in US.

“Went to Atlanta, Georgia, to learn about local administration and investment,” minister added.

And at this point US supposed to be proud because those who studied in there, now has become an influential parties towards local policies. Many of them who are now stakeholders are alumni from US education.

That’s why, she said, comes from many things done by Indonesia and US all these times, can deliver to a stronger cooperation. “This is our hope to the country that inspired us back then, and I also hope all the best today and the coming days,” she closed. (jf/rsa)


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