Voyage To Indonesia

The Voyage to Indonesia program will feature public events, seminars/panels, and publications showcasing Indonesia and ASEAN as a reformed, resilient, progressive, and pro-job economy. VTI events will be integrated under four overarching themes:

  1. Development
    • Inclusive Growth - sharia economy and other initiatives
    • Empowerment of women in Indonesia’s economy
  2. Economy and Finance
    • Building a reformed and resilient economy which aims to show that Indonesia has undergone significant reform and is resilient towards external shocks.
    • Digitalized economy, representing Indonesia’s progress in embracing modern technology to promote economic growth.
  3. Indonesia’s Diversity
  4. Indonesia’s Potential

A wide range of activities such as seminars, focused group discussions (FGD), and workshops will be organized around the first two themes. “Indonesia’s Diversity” will be showcased through cultural events and targeted presentations celebrating the unique heritage and composition of the country. Lastly, “Indonesia’s Potential” will promote programs and priority initiatives for the host country, namely trade fairs and investment opportunities. Several ministries and other respective institutions are collaborating to organize and carry out these events.

Aside from the four themes above, VTI will also conduct various outreach programs to stakeholders such as private sector, parliament, youth, academics, media, NGO/think tank, and international community in order to convey the message of Indonesia’s economic achievements and to explain the roles of international organizations, such as the IMF and World Bank Group.

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